Contains results of a transaction search.


This object is returned by the SearchTransactions method. It describes the result of the search, including the total number of transactions matched, the number being returned, and an array of TransactionObjects


stringTransactionsMatchedTotal number of transactions matched. (required)
stringTransactionsReturnedNumber of transactions returned in this result set. (required)
stringErrorsCountTotal number of errors matched.
stringDeclinesCountTotal number of declines matched.
stringSalesCountTotal number of Sales matched.
stringCreditsCountTotal number of Credits matched.
stringAuthOnlyCountTotal number of AuthOnlys matched.
stringVoidsCountTotal number of Voids matched.
floatSalesAmountTotal dollar amount of Sales matched.
floatCreditsAmountTotal dollar amount of Credits matched. (required)
floatAuthOnlyAmountTotal dollar amount of AuthOnlys matched.
floatVoidsAmountTotal dollar amount of Voids matched.
floatErrorsAmountTotal dollar amount of errors matched.
floatDeclinesAmountTotal dollar amount of Declines matched.
stringStartIndexThe starting index used (defaults to 0). (required)
stringLimitThe max number transactions to return in each result set. (required)
TransactionObject []TransactionsAn array TransactionObjects for the matched transactions. (required)