EBizCharge API Documentation

Welcome to the EBizCharge Connect APIs.


EBizCharge by Century Business Solutions is the leading financial technology company in integrated payments, allowing businesses to process payments and automate payment collection natively within 100+ ERPs, CRMs, and eCommerce platforms.

EBizCharge Connect API

By opening up our robust EBizCharge Connect API, we empower independent software vendors (ISVs) and other entities to integrate with EBizCharge directly within their software so their customers can benefit from payment processing cost savings, and user-friendly features that streamline payment collection. By integrating with our API, ISVs can make their software offerings more competitive in their market by offering built-in seamless and cost-effective payment acceptance and sought-after features that increase customer satisfaction, retention, and increase cash flow for their users.

Getting Started

During an API kickoff call, the EBizCharge development team will collaborate with ISV development teams to discuss the various functionalities that can be implemented with the API, and discuss the specific features that make sense for their system. After the kickoff call, EBizCharge gateway sandbox credentials, credit cards for testing, and API resources will be shared along with contact information for the EBizCharge development team who is available for ongoing API support and guidance during the integration process.

EBizCharge Certification

Once development with the EBizCharge Connect API is far along or complete, the EBizCharge team should be notified so an EBizCharge Certification call can be scheduled. Details on the EBizCharge Certification requirements can be found here. (should link to our certification PDF). Due to the extensive functionalities that can be implemented using the EBizCharge Connect API, some ISVs choose to integrate core processing functionality first, get this 1.0 integration certified and live, and then proceed to integrate further with the API to build in additional features that add value to their users. When new features are added using the API, a brief, follow up EBizCharge Certification should be scheduled.