This object is used to create an ePayment form.


StringFormTypeEmailForm: for email payment forms

PmRequestForm: for Credit Card or ACH tokenization forms

WebForm: for Payment forms
StringFromEmailFrom email address. (required)
StringFromNameFrom name. (required)
StringEmailAddressCustomer email address. (required)
StringCcEmailAddressCC email addresses. (optional)
StringBccEmailAddressBCC email addresses. (optional)
StringReplyToEmailAddressReply to email addresses. (required)
StringReplyToDisplayNameReply to display name. (required)
StringEmailNotesEmail Notes. (optional)
StringEmailNotesHTMLBase64-encoded HTML notes. (optional)
StringEmailSubjectEmail subject. (optional)
StringEmailTemplateIDEmail template id to use when sending an email. (required)
StringEmailTemplateNameEmail template to use when sending an email. (optional)
BoolSendEmailToCustomertrue or false. (required)
StringCustomerIdCustomer ID. (required)
StringCustFullNameCustomer's Full Name. (required)
StringTransIdTransaction ID. (required)
StringTransDetailTransaction details. (required)
StringInvoiceNumberInvoice number. (required)
StringPoNumPurchase order number. (required)
StringSoNumSales order number. (required)
StringOrderIdOrder ID. (required)
DateTimeDateInvoice date. (required)
DateTimeDueDateInvoice due date. (required)
DecimalTotalAmountTotal invoice amount. (required)
DecimalAmountDueAmount due. (required)
DecimalTipAmountTip Amount. (optional)
DecimalShippingAmountShipping Amount. (optional)
DecimalDutyAmountDuty Amount. (optional)
DecimalTaxAmountTax Amount. (required)
StringDescriptionDescription. (optional)
BillingAddressBillingAddressBilling Address. (optional)
ShippingAddressShippingAddressShipping Address. (optional)
StringApprovedURLApproved URL. (optional)
IntDisplayDefaultResultPage 1 to display EBizCharge result page.
0 to display a user defined result page (ApprovalURL).

StringPayByType CC for credit card payments.
ACH for ACH payments.
EMV for EMV payments
- Leave empty to allow credit card payments only
- For combinations, use comma to separate them: CC,ACH

StringAllowedPaymentMethodsVisa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, ACH

BoolSavePaymentMethodTrue or false. (required)
BoolShowSavedPaymentMethodsTrue or false. (required)
StringCountryCodeISO-3166-1: Alpha-2 Codes
For example:
US United Stated
CA Canada


StringCurrencyCodeCurrency code. (required)
StringProcessingCommandProcessing command. Possible values: Sale, Credit, Void, CreditVoid, AuthOnly, Capture, PostAuth, Check, and CheckCredit. Default is Sale.

StringSoftwareIdSoftware name (optional)
StringTransactionLookupKeyA unique string that can be used to locate payments submitted using EBizWebForm

TransactionLineItemLineItemsList of invoice items. (optional)
StringClerkClerk information. (optional)
StringTerminalTerminal information.(required)
BoolShowViewInvoiceLinkShow View Invoice Link. (optional)
StringInvoiceInternalIdInvoice Internal ID. (optional)
DeviceSettingsDeviceSettingsDevice Settings. (optional)
StringDocumentTypeIdDocument Type ID. (optional)
BoolShowViewSalesOrderLinkShow View Sales Order Link. (optional)
StringSalesOrderInternalIdSales Order Internal ID. (optional)