Used to run a new customer transaction.


This object contains the data needed to run a new stored customer transaction.


stringCommandProcessing command to run. Possible values: Sale, AuthOnly, Credit, Check, and CheckCredit. If a blank is passed, the default value is Sale for credit card or Check for checks. (required)
booleanIgnoreDuplicateDo not check for duplicate transactions. Set to True if you would like to override the duplicate transaction handling. (required)
TransactionDetailDetailsTransaction details: amount, clerk, currency, etc. (optional)
stringClientIPIP address of client.
booleanCustReceiptCustomer receipt. Set to True if you would like the gateway to send an email to the customer.
stringCustReceiptEmailEmail address to which to send the receipt. If left blank, the receipt will be sent to the email address stored in the customer record. (optional)
stringCustReceiptNameCustomer receipt template name. Specify the name of the template to use (optional).
booleanMerchReceiptSend merchant receipt. Set to True if you would like the gateway to send a receipt to the merchant. (optional)
stringMerchReceiptEmailEmail address to which to send the merchant receipt. Required if MerchReceipt is set to True.
stringMerchReceiptNameMerchant receipt template name. Specify the name of the template to use (optional).
FieldValueCustomFieldsArray of field values containing the merchant-defined custom fields. These fields are defined in the merchant console. (optional)
booleanisRecurringRecurring flag signals to the platform that this transaction is a recurring billing transaction. Use with caution (can cause downgrades if not used properly). Defaults to False, which causes the transaction to run as a normal card-not-present transaction.
stringInventoryLocationID of warehouse to draw inventory from. If blank, uses setting from source key. If no setting in source key, inventory will not be adjusted. (optional)
stringCardCodeCVV2/CVC card ID code. PCI requirements forbid storing CVV2 value. Customer must be prompted to enter this value each time a transaction is run. This value is not required unless CVV2 validation is desired.
LineItemLineItemsArray of line item detail objects. (optional)
stringSoftwareFree-form string that can be used by the developer to record information about their software, version, build number, or operating system details. Reported on the transaction detail screen, in custom reports, or via API (optional).