Contains all transaction data.


This object contains all of the data on a transaction. Some fields are masked for security reasons and some fields are specific to credit card or electronic check transactions.

Some information stored in this object is important for security reasons, such as the username of the person who processed the transaction, the IP address of the server from which it was submitted, and the source key that the transaction was processed under.


stringStatusStatus of specified transaction. (required)
TransactionResponseResponseGateway response details. (Includes AuthCode, etc.). (required)
stringTransactionTypeType of transaction. (Sale, Credit, Void, Auth Only, etc.). (required)
CheckTraceCheckTraceTracking data for check transactions. Includes tracking number, effective posting date, date processed, date settled, date returned, and bank notes. (optional)
stringDateTimeDate/time transaction was originally submitted. (required)
stringAccountHolderName of the account holder. (required)
TransactionDetailDetailsTransaction details. (Amount, invoice number, clerk, description, currency, etc.). (optional)
CreditCardDataCreditCardDataCredit card-specific data. (Card type, number, expiration date, etc.). (required)
CheckDataCheckDataCheck-specific data. (Checking account and routing number, etc.). (optional)
stringUserThe username of the person who processed this transaction. (required)
stringSourceThe name of the source key that this transaction was processed under. (required)
stringServerIPIP address of the server that submitted the transaction to the gateway. (required)
stringClientIPIP address of client (if passed on from the server). (optional)
stringCustomerIDCustomer ID. (required)
GwAddressBillingAddressBilling address. (required)
GwAddressShippingAddressShipping address. (optional)
FieldValueCustomFieldsArray of custom transaction fields. (optional)
LineItemLineItemsLine items. (optional)