Describes a customer payment method.


This object describes a customer payment method. A payment method can be a CreditCard, ACH (electronic check), StoredValue (gift certificate, store credit, auto-reloading prepaid card, etc.), or Invoice. The payment type is specified by setting MethodType to CreditCard, ACH, StoredValue, or Invoice. If MethodType is left blank and credit card information is provided, the type will default to CreditCard. If MethodType is left blank and electronic check information is provided, the type will default to ACH.

The StoredValue method can be as simple as a store credit or as complex as linking to a physical prepaid card or gift card with a magnetic strip. For a store credit or simple balance on account, the only required field is Balance. To use the StoredValue payment method, the merchant account must have stored value transactions enabled.

The Invoice method allows a merchant to collect transactions that will be invoiced at a later date. Balance is increased by the system when an Invoice transaction is received. MaxBalance specifies the maximum balance that a customer can incur before Invoice transactions are declined. Setting MaxBalance to 0 will cause the customer to have no limit. To process Invoice transactions, the merchant account must have invoice processing enabled.


stringMethodTypeType of payment method (CreditCard, ACH, StoredValue, or Invoice). (required)
integerMethodIDID of payment method. This property is ignored when adding a new payment method but required if updating an existing method (read-only).
stringMethodNameLabel for payment method. For example, Work Visa or Personal Checking.
stringAccountHolderNameAccount Holder Name (required)
integerSecondarySortIf set to value greater than 0, use this method as backup in case default fails. Secondary methods will be run in ascending order.
datetimeCreatedDate created. (optional)
datetimeModifiedDate modified. (optional)

Credit Card

stringCardNumberCredit card number (required for credit cards). If data is coming from a swiper, base64 encode the entire raw block read from the swiper device and put enc:// at the beginning. Example: enc://AAbbCdEEaa…
stringCardExpirationCredit card expiration date in YYYY-MM format. It will also accept MMYY format (required for credit cards). (optional)
stringAvsStreetStreet address for AVS (address verification system). (Optional but recommended for credit cards.)
stringAvsZipZip code for AVS. (Optional but recommended for credit cards.)
stringCardCodeCVV2/CID card identification code. This code is not stored and is only used when verifying a new payment method before it is added. (Optional for credit cards.)
stringCardTypeType of credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc). This is a read-only parameter and will be ignored if set.

Electronic Check (ACH)

stringAccountACH bank account number (required for checks).
stringAccountTypeACH type of bank account (checking or savings; defaults to checking).
stringRoutingACH bank routing number (required for checks).
stringDriversLicenseDriver's license number used for check guarantee (optional).
stringDriversLicenseStateDriver's license state (optional).
stringRecordTypeACH transaction type (optional; should be left blank unless instructed differently by check processor).


doubleMaxBalanceThe maximum balance that may be charged on an invoice before transactions are declined.

Stored Value

doubledoubleThe funds left on the account. Transactions against this payment method may not exceed this balance.
booleanbooleanSet True if StoredValue card should automatically be reloaded.
stringReloadScheduleAutomatic reload schedule.
doubleReloadThresholdBalance that will trigger an automatic reload.
doubleReloadAmountAmount to automatically reload.
integerReloadMethodIDPayment method to use for reloading card.
eBizCharge.PaymentMethod payMethod = new eBizCharge.PaymentMethod();
           payMethod.CardExpiration = "1212";
           payMethod.CardNumber = "4000100011112224";
           payMethod.AvsStreet = "123 Main st.";
           payMethod.AvsZip = "90046";
           payMethod.MethodName = "My Visa";