This object stores information relating to specific recurring billing cycles.


Includes the frequency, amount, start and end dates of the recurring billing schedule.


stringScheduleFrequency of recurring billing schedule. Possible values include:
once, daily, weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), four-week (every four weeks)
monthly, bi-monthly (every two months), quarterly, bi-annually (every six months), annually. (optional)
decimalAmountAmount to be billed in each transaction. (required)
decimalTaxTax to be billed in each transaction. (required)
DateTimeStartDate this billing entry will be started. (required)
DateTimeExpireDate this billing entry will be disabled. (required)
stringScheduleNameSchedule name (description) (optional)
boolSendCustomerReceiptSend customer receipt. (optional)
stringReceiptTemplateNameEmail template to use. (optional)
stringReceiptNoteNotes to be added to receipt. (optional)
boolEnabledWhether customer is currently enabled for recurring billing. (required)