Contains information about a batch awaiting settlement.


This object contains information about a batch of transactions that has been authorized and is awaiting settlement. It is returned when attempting to determine the status of a batch using the GetBatchStatus method.
This should reflect the same information contained in the Batch Manager section of the merchant console.


IntegerBatchRefNumBatch reference number (BatchId) (assigned by the gateway). (required)
IntegerSequenceBatch sequence number. (required)
StringStatusStatus of this batch (ie: open, closing, closed). (required)
StringOpenedDate/time the batch was opened (first transaction was run). (required)
StringClosedDate/time the batch was closed (if it has been closed). (required)
StringScheduledDate/time the batch is scheduled to close. (optional)
IntegerTransactionCountNumber of transactions in the batch. (required)
IntegerSalesCountNumber of sales in the batch. (optional)
IntegerCreditsCountNumber of credits in the batch. (optional)
IntegerVoidsCountNumber of voids in the batch. (optional)
DoubleSalesAmountDollar amount of the sales. (required)
DoubleCreditsAmountDollar amount of the credits. (optional)
DoubleNetAmountDollar amount of the sales-credits. (required)
DoubleVoidsAmountDollar amount of the voids.(optional)