Contains customer data.


This object contains all relevant customer data, including CustNum (a unique customer number assigned by the gateway); CustID (a merchant-assigned customer ID); and customer name, address, and recurring billing status and schedule, as well as any other relevant data.


stringCustNumCustomer number (assigned by system). (required)
stringCustomerIDCustomer ID (merchant-assigned). (required)
GwAddressBillingAddressCustomer address information (uses Address object). (required)
PaymentMethodPaymentMethodsArray of PaymentMethod objects. Multiple credit cards or ACH accounts may be stored for each customer. (required)
stringNotesNotes (visible to merchant only). (optional)
stringCustomDataCustom data is a raw text field; please serialize and encode (i.e., base64) your data so that complex types are stored and retrieved correctly. (optional)
FieldValueCustomFieldsArray of field values containing the merchant-defined customer fields. These fields are defined in the merchant console. (optional)
stringURLURL for customer's website. (optional)
datetimeCreatedDate/time customer was created (read-only). (optional)
datetimeModifiedDate/time customer was last changed (read-only). (optional)
// for directions on how to set up the  
// WSDL link and create "$token" and "$client,"
// see:
               'Company'=>'Acme Corp',
               'Street'=>'1234 main st',
               'Street2'=>'Suite #123',
               'City'=>'Los Angeles',
               'Email'=>'[email protected]',
       'PaymentMethods' =>
                               'CreditCardData' =>
                       "MethodName"=>"My Visa",
       'CustomData'=>base64_encode(serialize(array("mydata"=>"We could put anything in here!"))),
               array('Field'=>'Foo', 'Value'=>'Testing'),
               array('Field'=>'Bar', 'Value'=>'Tested')
       'CustomerID'=>123123 + rand(),
       'Description'=>'Weekly Bill',
       'Notes'=>'Testing the soap addCustomer Function',
       'ReceiptNote'=>'addCustomer test Created Charge',
$CustomerObject= $this->client->getCustomer($this->token, $CustomerNumber);
echo $CustomerObject->CustNum;
eBizCharge.CustomerObject customer = new eBizCharge.CustomerObject();
           eBizCharge.Address address = new eBizCharge.Address();
           address.FirstName = "John";
           address.LastName = "Doe";
           address.Company = "Acme";
           address.Street = "123 main st.";
           address.City = "Hollywood";
           address.State = "ca";
           address.Zip = "91607";
           address.Country = "USA";
           customer.BillingAddress = address;
           customer.Enabled = true;
           customer.Amount = 5.00;
           customer.Next = "2010-08-15";
           customer.Schedule = "monthly";
           eBizCharge.PaymentMethod[] payMethod = new eBizCharge.PaymentMethod[1];
           payMethod[0] = new eBizCharge.PaymentMethod();
           payMethod[0].CardExpiration = "1212";
           payMethod[0].CardNumber = "4444555566667779";
           payMethod[0].AvsStreet = "123 Main st.";
           payMethod[0].AvsZip = "90046";
           payMethod[0].MethodName = "My Visa";
           customer.PaymentMethods = payMethod;